The Four Brothers & Phil

I use Salute to Stamford to glorify the people that in my opinion represent Stamford to a high caliber. I have a lot of people that definitely deserve a little bit of gratitude for what they do in our town, but I want to dedicate this post to four guys that I’ve grown up with that to me are like my brothers. Well, one of them is my brother, but still you get the point. No disrespect to any of my other friends, but these guys right here are some of the most memorable dudes I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Growing up, they called themselves “The Four Brothers” and down the line decided to include me, thus making it “The Four Brothers & Phil”. You know what? I’m kinda happy they did.

Willie BahahahaFirst, I have to talk a little bit about my brother. If you know me, you basically know him. He’s my “big little brother” because he liked to grow and I didn’t. Certified goofball, Willie is also a kind dude who would do just about anything to help his friends and family out. Living, working, and just growing up with Willie has and will always be a pleasure. Just remember that I can always kick your ass in hockey, and no matter what I got your back from the womb to the tomb.

Next would have to be my boy Scotty. We have as many stories together as he has nicknames (and trust me, he has a lot). I met this dude through hockey and he basically lived in my house throughout high school. Scotty and I share


a crazy sense of humor; jokes that would make nuns want to do the Holy Water Bucket Challenge on us. Through thick and thin, good times and bad, Scotty would always be the first one to chirp at someone that said something stupid to any of us, and the last one to leave any of us behind. I also want to note that he still owes me about 1 million miles in driving since I was basically his chauffer before he got his silence.

The third brother is my dude Jake “James” Brown. He’s still to this day one of the funniest and most relatable people that I know of besides Willie. Jake always takes the positive out of everything, even when the shit seems to hit the fan. He’s also responsible for the coolest birthday present ever, which was comedian Jim Breuer wishing me a happy birthday. From interesting car rides home with the boys, giving friends fake vodka on homecoming, our wild times up at Penn State, and many more to cJake Jimome. He was the only one out of the four brothers to move out of Connecticut to find his calling in his career. Started his journey with a job in Louisiana, he now works in North Carolina. Even though you’re 8 hours away (or something like that), you can always expect a random FaceTime or a “my moom is dad” call from me.

Last, but definitely not least, is Brian “Chicken Neck” Moynihan. Brian’s brother Sean and I became friends in middle school, and he and Willie did the same. Since then, we’ve all been in touch and see each other on a weekly basis. For someone who can eat all the rolls before dinner comes oMoyniut, Moyni is the tallest 100 pound man I’ve ever met. Besides that, Brian is the type of guy that would be down for anything and is always ready to have a good time. When I found out he was going to my college, I made sure to get us roomed together and introduced him to all of my friends as “one of my brothers”. He is and will forever be one of the coolest dudes I know.

Friends come and go, and I’m fortunate to have as many as I have today, but these four guys right here are the ones I shared some of the craziest moments in my life with. Four brothers……aaaannnndddd Phil.

4 Brothers


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