Mr. Buchetto: A Salute to a Stamford Legend

Sal Buchetto: Larger Than Life

Inertia: defined as a property of matter by which it continues in its existing state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line, unless that state is changed by an external force. Sounds boring, right? Well, fortunately for me, I had the coolest science teacher in Connecticut who taught me a cooler way of remembering inertia. It goes a little something like this (to the tune of pop goes the weasel):

An object at rest remains at rest
An object in motion remains in motion
UNLESS, acted on by an outside foooorrrrcccceeeee

That was what Mr. Buchetto taught me in my 8th grade science class at Cloonan Middle School. Sure the topic wasn’t always the most fun or interesting thing to learn, but I’d guarantee you that Mr. B would be able to flip it and make it into something awesome. Not only was he a great person as a teacher, but he was a person who I would consider a role model. For those of you who haven’t heard of Mr. B, let me Phil You In on an amazing man who, in my opinion, is a Stamford legend in his own right.

Son of Peter and Ann Buchetto, Salvatore Buchetto was born on October 1948 in Stamford, Connecticut. He graduated from Southern Connecticut University with a BS in Science, as well as two Masters in education, one each from Southern Connecticut University and the University of Bridgeport. He would go on to teach at Burdick School in Stamford, Cloonan Middle School, Southern CT, and University of Bridgeport. After his retirement, he was a devoted grandfather, husband, father, and friend.  Known for his unconventional methods of teaching such as the bed of nails, the crash test dummy, and the famous egg drop, Mr. B always had a way of making class cool.

A lot of students can say that they had Mr. Buchetto as a teacher, but I was fortunate enough to have him as much more than that. When I was younger (probably from birth to maybe 3-5), Toni and Sal Buchetto would watch my cousins, brother and I. They were essentially a second pair of parents to me. Sal would always goof off, whether it was hiding in his Volkswagen Beetle on Halloween and scaring us half to death, dressing up as an astronaut in school to save Pluto, or going back and forth with him telling “yo mama” jokes, he made me smile. He always wanted to see others happy. Growing up with the Buchetto’s in my life is part reason why I am the man I am today. With their caring hearts, positive demeanor, and ear to ear smiles, I can’t thank them enough for everything they’ve done for me and my family.

Sadly, Mr. Buchetto left us on October 15, 2014. Today, October 12, 2015 would’ve been his 67th birthday. Words can’t even make up how influential this man was to not just myself, but to thousands of Stamford residents, and many more I’m sure throughout Connecticut. In his honor and for his birthday, I dedicate this week’s Salute to Stamford to Sal. I’m sure that there’s plenty of Connect Four and Shoot the Moon up in heaven, and I’m also sure that Kris is probably kicking your ass in both. Although you may be absent from us physically, you will always have a perfect attendance record in my heart. Love you and miss you.

The The Buchettos


3 thoughts on “Mr. Buchetto: A Salute to a Stamford Legend

  1. Thanks Philly! I know he was always proud of you for the great man you have become. He was a character and touched many lives. I know he and Kris are enjoying their time together. Love you, TONI

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  2. I met his wife Toni before I met Sal. . I got to know Sal over the years I saw his love of family,the love of the kids he taught ,his larger than life persona, just everything… He’s a man who moved mountains….Thanks Sal for being my friend and enlightening my life ….I miss you.

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  3. I meet mr buchetto back when i was a six grader in 2003 i was a trouble youth in cloonan always in trouble. Getting kicked out of classes one day i got kicked out a class and was in the hallway and he ask why are u in the hallway i said the teacher kicked me out with open arms he invited me into his class room and opened my eyes to become a brighter student and switched me into his homeroom class while i wasnt eve n a 7th grader yet lol😂😂what a guys he was and the things he pulled off always love and respect for that man many stories i have with him in three years in CLOONAN MODDLE SCHOOL

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