Colony Pizza

Colony Grill: Irish Pizza Done Right

If you are a resident of Stamford, you know that we are blessed with having some of the best foods around. One food that Stamford is well-known for known for is pizza. What if I told you I knew a little hole in the wall that serves one of the best pizzas in town? Even better: what if I told you that the best pizza in town is sold at an Irish bar? By now, all my Stamford residents reading this are salivating at the fact that they know I’m talking about Colony Grill.

What makes Colony Grill so special, you ask? Well, it was first established in 1935 on Stamford’s East Side, 172 Myrtle Ave to be exact. The original owners of Colony were Irish, but had hired Italian and Eastern European chefs during The Great Depression. Colony Grill served as a local pub post-prohibition and a place where people can grab a bite to eat. However, Colony took the Henry Ford approach: “You can have whatever you want to eat, as long as it’s pizza”. Almost 80 years later, not much has changed, and the pizza is still the best around (in my opinion, and I’m sure the opinion of many Stamford residents).

Hot Oil Keeps Colony’s Gears Rolling

Colony Grill changed the pizza game as we know it when they came up with the concept of a “Bar Pie”. A bar pie is an extremely thin crust pizza that is smaller than usual, made with just enough cheese and sauce as to not spill over the sides, and easier to maneuver with one hand (leaving the other open for a cold brew). There’s something missing. Thus, the “hot oil” pizza was created. A hot oil pizza, Colony Grill’s signature pie, is a bar pie that’s coated with oil from the Food Gods. The hot oil comes from stingers, which are also placed on the pie for double the flavor, and double the greatness.

Ironically enough, Colony doesn’t even have any grills! Since their pizzas seemed to be making a killing, it basically made any other item that they had on their item obsolete. Over the years, there recipe has remained a secret, that is, until recently its new rival “Riko’s” started making a similar pie. The details behind that are still not for certain, but let it be known that there is no replicating an authentic Colony Pizza.

Seeing its success rate skyrocket, Colony Grill has expanded from the original location in Stamford to a location in Milford, Fairfield, and coming soon to Norwalk. I also think it’s worth noting that Chris Drury, ex NHL superstar and Connecticut native, helped Colony Grill start franchising by opening its Fairfield location with a few buddies he won the Little League World Series with. Although Colony may have new locations, the heart and soul of the company stays on Myrtle Ave. in Stamford, CT.