Salute to Stamford

Stamford: home of Jackie Robinson, Colony Pizza, and Alive @ Five. We all know that Stamford is an awesome place to live, but what about the people in it? Anyone that lives here can tell you about any landmark, neighborhood, or where the new Chelsea Piers is, but can they tell you anything interesting about the people who make up Stamford? I’m sure they can, and that’s what this page here is all about.

Salute to Stamford is all about showing the world what awesome people live in our city. If you are a Stamford resident and want to show off a talent, talk about a company or event that you have, or anything really for that matter, this page is your stage. I want everyone to know that our city is simply a reflection of the people who live in it.

So if you think that you have a talent, company, event, or anything awesome that represents this awesome city of ours, then please feel free to contact me and let me know! I want to get Stamford the exposure that it deserves in all positive ways of life!


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