2017: Phil’s Year in Review

I know that it’s a bit early to review this year, but I feel the need to get off my chest just how the year 2017 was to me. As with every year, 2017 was filled with a lot of funny moments, sad moments, learning experiences, and growing myself as a person. Has this year been rough? Sure. Has it been fun? Absolutely! I hope that by writing this, I will look back at it and reflect on the year, how to prepare myself for 2018, and understand that every year is different, good or bad, and it can only get better!

To start, I had a lot of fun this year. I got to play on 5 different softball teams this summer, where I cared more about after the games and spending time with my friends rather than pitching strikes (and getting a few line drives back at the mound). I got to see Grateful Dead with John Mayer, a concert that is more like a life experience, and one I won’t forget. I got to see a two of my favorite comedians perform stand up, Bill Burr & Dave Chappelle (check that off the bucket list).

I learned that my family is growing with more additions, whether it’s a new baby cousin, or a new cousin in law (love ya big Phil!). One of my best friends moved home after 3 years being away (ZBL will be fun this year). I played copious amounts of golf, had plenty of crazy nights and days, and made a bunch of new friends. There’s plenty more things that I probably forgot, but for the most part, those were a few that stuck out to me.

With the good, unfortunately, comes the bad. As much as I really don’t like to discuss negativity, I feel that sometimes, it’s better to get it off your chest than to have it muster inside of you. This year, I lost one of the most influential, loving, and overall amazing person in my Poppy. 93 years is a long time, but every day I wish that you could’ve seen 100 (like you’d tell everyone anyways). I’ve had to stand up for myself in times where it probably wasn’t the best time, and had to deal with the consequences that followed (which, however, lead to a big life decision, but we’ll get to that later). I’ve fallen in and out of love, which is never easy, but something that I’ve learned comes with life. To shorten it up, this year pulled a 180 on me, and at times felt like I lost control of the wheel. Luckily for me, I have an amazing group of family and friends that are just as willing to help me out as I am to help them.

If each year was to have a theme, this years would be Change & Pain. First: Change. This year, I’ve had so many things that started off one way and then BAM! Flipped into something completely different. The first thought naturally has been to always go to the worst-case scenario. By doing that, I was basically predicting how things would happen even before they took place. I’d find myself caught thinking about the future. What I’ve learned, is to stop thinking “what if?” and to start thinking “what if not?”. Life is like driving: if you pay too much attention staring at the rear view, you’ll crash into what’s ahead of you. I’ve learned how to become proactive instead of reactive, positive instead of negative, and how to learn to adapt to change as opposed to fighting against it.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “why would he say pain? Doesn’t that symbolize something negative?” Not really. I’ve dealt with my fair share of emotional pain, and physical (only when I was sick, or got beaned by a softball) throughout the year. But the thing about pain is, it’s temporary. Initially, it hurts, but its ok! Nevertheless, even the freshest of wounds eventually heal. The more you worry about it, the more it consumes you. Another thing about pain is that it helps you grow. Everything positive in life derived from some sort of failure, believe it or not. Whatever type of pain you feel, know that you can overcome. That doesn’t mean to try and do it by yourself. Sure, some things in life you have to do by yourself, but if you need to reach out, don’t be afraid to.

To sum it up, 2017 was a pretty interesting year for me. I’ve learned a lot, matured, and understand myself more than I did in the beginning of the year. 2018 is going to be my year: mark my words. I’ve got a game plan, and I know for sure that it’s going to come to fruition in 2018. Life is good, and for me, it’s only going to get better.


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