Hip Don’t Hop Anymore: The Downfall of Today’s Rap

As far back as I can remember I always enjoyed listening to music. It would either be classic rock on the old KOOL 96.7FM station, the top 40 on Z100, or the hottest rap tracks on hot 97.1. Nowadays, I can still hear the classic rock tracks on 95.9, Z100 still has all the top 40 hits, but something has changed with rap. Personally, I feel as if the genre of rap, for the most part, has been declining in quality. Now don’t get me wrong, there are a few songs today that are catchy, some I’d even say are good, but the majority of what’s out now doesn’t really do the rap genre and true hip hop heads justice. I’m going to go explain briefly on how I feel that the quality of today’s rap is decreasing, and how these rapper’s today should chickity check themselves before they wreck themselves.

Classic Rap Records.jpg

When I was first introduced to hip hop, I was privileged to have been brought up during the times of Nas, Jay Z (pre Tidal), DMX, Big L, Biggie & Pac, Eminem, The L.O.X, and Snoop Dogg just to name a few. Most of, if not all of these rappers are still relevant today (besides Pac, Biggie & Big L, may they rest in peace). The difference between these rappers I just listed and a majority of the rappers that are around today is that they focused on the lyrics that they wrote; they made sure that what they said invoked a feeling or emotion in their fans, to show them where they were coming from when they wrote their music.

The only new school rappers I see doing this today are guys like Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Big Sean, and hell I’ll even throw Chance the Rapper in there too. The rest of these guys all piggy back off of each other, some even sounding the same (Desiigner and Future) and all lacking serious content in their lyrics. As a classic hip hop head, I need those lyrics! I want to listen to a song and get hit with wordplay that will blow me away, lyrics that I’d want to read along as the song plays so that I can see the story they’re telling us. Today’s rappers barely have lyrics, and a good amount of them need subtitles!


Besides the rappers themselves, the hip hop audiences have changed as well. For every guy like me, there’s about five guys who despite my opinion and continue to fill their ears and heads with this noise that is being passed off as rap. They no longer want to hear the stories of the struggle, but rather a catchy beat or hook. It seems today that rappers can literally go on the mic and speak gibberish, but as long as it’s over a dope track, the audience doesn’t care! This is mind-blowing to guys like me. You’re telling me that  you’d rather hear a quality beat with Rich Homie Quan’s “lyrics” than a track like “The World is Yours” by Nas? As today’s kids say, SMH. That’s horrible.

I’m sure that there are a lot of you that feel like I do, and a lot of you that feel different. I guess the point that I was trying to get across is this: I don’t like how rap as I know it is changing. Sure, there are a few songs and artists today that I like and respect, but the majority of it I can’t stand. After listening to some of these songs that are out today, I ask the same questions: what the hell was that, and where is the old shit I used to love? Most of the remixed versions of these songs are better than the original simply because a better artist decided to actually RAP to it, not repeat the same nonsense over and over or talk a bunch of nonsense. Again, I’m sure that there are a few sleeper artists that I could be wrong about, but until proven wrong, I will not tolerate these new rappers tarnishing the reputation of a genre that I am very fond of. If hip hop isn’t dead, it damn sure has one foot in the grave and another on the banana peel, unless it can be resurrected. When and who will be the one to do it? Only time will tell. Until then, I’m Philly B, PEACE! *Drops Mic*.


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