The Bird that Flew the Coop

Every summer, it seems as if my back porch has become a hotel to a number of different types of animals: spiders, bunnies, and the occasional squirrel (depending on if my dog and cat are ok with it). Recently, we have had our back porch occupied by a family of birds. The mother decided to build her nest on our neon Bud Light sign that we have on our back porch, which in my opinion is prime real estate. At first, we didn’t want the bird to have its nest there, but after two or three failed attempts on evicting them from our back porch (aka throwing the nest in the backyard); we decided that the newly acquired spot for the nest would do. Personally, I think it was the best choice we made, and it helped me learn a valuable lesson on life.Birds1

The nest was pretty big, so I figured that the mother had plans for a full family to arrive any time soon. Day by day, my father would check up on the nest, and update us (as well as his friends on Facebook) on the progress of the eggs. Slowly but surely, four baby blue eggs appeared in the nest. The mother bird would stop by, keep them warm, and protect them as most mothers do their children. Only time will tell when these eggs would turn into baby birds and join this crazy world that we live in. This to me was my live version of Animal Planet, and I must say, it was and still is a pretty cool sight to see.Birds3.jpg

A couple of weeks went by, and every week the mother would come back to check on her babies, securing them from any outside predator that would think of attacking them (most likely my cat). Finally, about a month since the eggs were hatched, out came four beautiful little baby birds! Out from the nest poked out four little beaks, their bodies without a single feather on them, mostly awaiting the mother’s return from fetching them a worm or bug as their meals. I got to witness first-hand the miracle of new life, and it was beautiful


Again, the weeks would pass, and the baby birds soon grew, developed feathers, and even chirped whenever the mother came with more food. The nest, however, seemed to shrink in size as the birds got bigger. Sure, the babies would still live in the nest, but sooner than later, the room became scarce. From time to time, I’d notice that one of the birds would flap its wings in an attempt to fly, most of the time to no avail. Soon enough, bird by bird, the nest would become as empty as it was in the beginning. The babies have developed enough to go out and start living on their own.

By this point I’m sure you’re asking yourself: why the hell did you find it important to chronicle the life of these birds? What significance does this have to anything at all? The answer is simple really: I can relate to those birds. Recently, I decided that after 25 years of living in the nest that I called home, it was time for me to spread my wings and leave. My parents have done and still continue to do everything they can to help me succeed in this world, whether it’s putting up with my mood swings, feeding me, giving me a roof over my head and clothes on my back, or even something as simple as giving advice or just them telling me that they loved me and are proud of me. All of these things helped shape me into the man I am today, and I figure it was time to put all of what I’ve learned to the test into the real world, on my own.

After deciding to move out, a whirlwind of emotions smacked me in the face. Sad, because hey, I only called one place my own my whole life, not to mention how much I’ll miss seeing my family and pets every morning and night. Nervous, because this is a new chapter in my life, and I’m over-anxious to see just where this will bring me, and more importantly, if I’m able to handle it. Finally, I’m excited, because it’s time to prove to myself, my family, and in some sense the world, just how capable I am of making it in this world on my own. Granted I will always have my family and friends for support, but I’ve been trying to fly on my own now for quite some time. I saw my opportunity to fly the coop, and I spread my wings. No matter what, fly or fall, I know that what I’m doing is right, and I cant wait to start this next journey. Worse comes to worse, I can always go back to the nest.



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