Trust Me, I’m Not A Doctor: 18-Year-Old Plays Doctor for Real & Opens Fake Medical Practice

Is There A Doctor In The House?

In a world where big business runs most of the world, it’s nice to hear about people who go and open up their own “mom and pop” shops. Those who can’t open up a store but want to learn about a trade they’re interested in usually take some sort of apprenticeship or intern role for a reputable company. 18-year-old Malachi Love-Robinson was getting a free lesson in gynecology thanks to the doctors at St. Mary’s Medical Center. The only thing is, none of the doctors that he shadowed knew who he really was, or if he was an actual doctor. Taking what he learned from his “schooling” at St. Mary’s, Malachi saw the opportunity to attempt to open up his own clinic. That’s where we begin.


OBG-Y Is This Kid Here?

Malachi Love-Robinson of Palm Beach, Florida was arrested for running a fake medical practice and pretending to be a gynecologist. This wasn’t the first time he got in trouble, as he was detained in January of 2015 after being caught walking around St. Mary’s wearing a doctor’s coat and interacted with patients at the facility. After being questioned, Love-Robinson somehow found a way to convince people that he was actually who he said he was, even getting a five star rating on from two patients. The website also says that he’s 25, speaks French and other qualifications that we now learn were fabricated.

Stop, Drop, Open Up Shop

After a few sit ins with some doctors, Malachi decided to open the New Birth New Life Holistic and Alternative Medical Center and Urgent Care. He is listed as the CEO and even gave himself the title of Dr. Malachi Love-Robinson. On his website, he claimed that he had a Ph.D., a “HHP-C” and “AMP-C”, the last two being completely made up degrees, and unclear what they stand for. Tips started coming in from the Florida Health Department about a doctor practicing without a license, leading to the Palm Beach Narcotics Task Force investigating the matter by sending in an undercover officer. Once the undercover officer’s exam was finished, Malachi was arrested. To sum it all up: kid disguises himself as a doctor, opens his own spot, attracted the attention of the health department and inevitably got himself caught.

SMH At This Fake OBG-Yn

Malachi, dude, I’m sure that you’re somewhat of a bright guy. What the fuck gave you the idea that pretending to be a gynecologist would be a good idea? If I’m going to court, I expect the lawyer defending me to be an actual lawyer. If I call the cops, I’d hope to God the person being sent to my house is wearing a real badge. So if a woman goes to her gyno, chances are they don’t want an 18-year-old without any medical degree poking around there and giving false medical exams. According to my calculations, that’s not only unprofessional, but disgusting and downright unexplainable.

Dr. Dumbass

I will admit, the kid got some balls. Not only did he play the part, he dressed it too. Not quite as incognito as Spanky and Stymie, but close. When they caught him in 2015, they noticed that he kept a bunch of lab coats in his car. My question here is: if they saw this, WHY DIDN’T THEY SUSPECT/DO ANYTHING?!? I guess St. Mary’s is going to end up taking an L on this as well, seeing as they allowed a baby faced teenager who was clearly not a doctor roam around and essentially pick up the profession on women who didn’t know any better. The kicker to me is, you already got caught once and nothing happened, would opening up your own facility be the best follow up plan? Hopefully you can fake being tough when you go to jail, because you’ll be dealing with some real thugs that don’t take kindly to shit heads like you.


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