Salute to Stamford: Bridge Street Wienery

“Ask Me About My Wiener-y!”

If you’re from Stamford, chances are that you have a favorite local spot to eat. Being from Stamford, I have been blessed with a plethora of places to grab some good food; whether it’s Italian, Greek, Chinese, fast food, diners, you name it. Seeing as I’m also a foodie, I’m very picky on where I eat, and it usually gets narrowed down to a handful of places. One of the places that has a permanent residence in those top spots to eat for me is the Bridge Street Wienery. If you’ve been there, chances are you probably agree. If you’ve never gone, allow me to explain what makes the Wienery one of Stamford’s best fast food spots to go to.

Co-owners Steve Sabia, left, and Mike Palmer, right, pose for a photo at their restaurant, Bridge Street Wienery, in Stamford on Wednesday, July 18, 2012. Photo: Lindsay Niegelberg / Stamford Advocate

Co-owners Steve Sabia and Mike Palmer are two friends who wanted to open up a restaurant that served “fast food, but fresh fast food”. In May of 2012, the two purchased the then Benny’s Fast Break on Bridge Street in Stamford, renovated the location as well as recreating the menu. Thus, Bridge Street Wienery was born. Now, the name suggests that they serve hot dogs (which are the bomb, by the way), but it’s way more than that. They have a variety of different foods, including cheese steaks, burgers, chicken, and a homemade chili that will have you hooked. They patty their burgers freshly every day, using certified Angus beef that has no additives or fillers. To sum it up: you’re guaranteed freshness in your meal every day!

What also makes the Bridge Street Wienery unique are its ties with the Stamford community. In order to be able to do what they wanted to do, they received a lot of help from friends and family. In return, they nickname an item in their honor as a thank you for their support. The Wienery also utilizes social media. With both Facebook and Instagram accounts, they are able to interact with customers, show off their weekly specials (which usually have creative/funny names), and also display their delicious meals for their followers to salivate on. They also host Wienerpalooza, a hot dog eating contest held every summer which seems to be growing in contestants every year.

I live very close to the Wienery, and have gone there on numerous occasions, and I can honestly say that one of the reasons (besides the amazing food)that gets me going back is the friendliness of the staff and the satisfaction of knowing that whatever they whip up for you will be made to perfection. Even the building itself is very welcoming, including various parodies of famous pictures replacing the celebrity with hot dogs. My favorite decoration would have to be the sign that says “Practice safe lunch, use condiments”. My favorite items on the menu would have to be The King Henrik and the Mac & Cheese bites.

To sum it up, the Bridge Street Wienery is more than just a local fast food spot. It’s an example of what can happen if you have a dream and believe in yourself, your staff, and your product. For Mike and Steve, it’s their dream come true. I wish them nothing but the best of luck, and maybe a King Henrik burger for my birthday or something. Bridge Street Wienery: if you don’t like it, you can always go to Weenie Hut Jr.


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