Newton vs. Manning: Dab on Denver or the Manifest of Manning’s Legacy?

Who’s Going To Disneyland?

Even if you don’t care about sports, you know that the Super Bowl is just around the corner. If you watch football, then you also know that this year’s contest will be between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos. Nonetheless, we can all agree that this year’s Super Bowl should be a good one (granted that there aren’t any power outages, nip slips, or blowouts). The big question now is: who’s going to take home the Lombardi trophy at the Levi’s Stadium on February 7th? Let’s talk about the two teams, some fun facts about this Super Bowl, and who I think will come out victorious.


First, let’s take a look at the Denver Broncos. Led by veteran quarterback Peyton Manning, the Bronco’s went 12-4 this regular season despite injuries to the 39 year old QB as well as injuries to his offensive arsenal. This will be Manning’s fifth Super Bowl appearance since 2006, and his second in three years. With their win on Sunday, the Broncos have joined the Patriots (ironically), Cowboys, and Steelers with 8 Super Bowl appearances in their franchise history, which is an NFL record. The Broncos defensive monsters DeMarcus Ware and Von Miller seem like they’ve found their groove, getting at the Patriots Tom Brady 23 times (the most QB hits for any team since 2006) during yesterday’s 20-18 victory. This will also be Ware’s first Super Bowl appearance in his 10 years with the NFL. Can Denver pull off another surprise victory against Cam and the seemingly unbeatable Panthers?


Next, we’ll talk about the Carolina Panthers. Led by Cam Newton, the Panthers went 15-1 this regular season, with their one loss coming from the Falcons. Cam and the gang, featuring TE Greg Olsen and WR Ted Ginn Jr. have been on an offensive tare since week 1. Last night’s 49-15 blowout against the Arizona Cardinals made the Panthers the 8th team to win a conference championship by at least 30 points. Defensively, the Panthers led the NFL with 39 turnovers, resulting in 148 points off of those takeaways, 6 of which they took to the house for a defensive touchdown. Luke Kuechly and Josh Norman are two of the Panthers well known defensive weapons, and plan on making it a living hell for Manning come Super Bowl Sunday. Will Carolina live up to the hype and take down Manning and the Broncos?

Cool Facts


Super Bowl 50 will be the first Super Bowl since Super Bowl 4 to not be represented by a Roman numeral. Carolina is the favorite in this game by 4 points, the over/under being 45. This will be the third straight year where both top seeds are in the Super Bowl, and the first time that both QB’s facing each other were #1 first round draft picks in the NFL. At 39, Peyton Manning will be the oldest QB to appear in the SB. Speaking of QB’s, the Broncos have gone to the 7 Super Bowls with QB’s drafted by the Colts. If Cam wins, he will be the first QB to win the Heisman, National Championship, NFL MVP and Super Bowl. With ALL of this information, along with what most of you know previously, who will win?

Phil’s Favorite

I think that this year’s championship game in Santa Clara, California will go down in the record books as one of the best in our lifetime. You have the best NFL QB in Manning going against a happy go lucky Panthers team who seems to pillage through any team they come across. Now, as a sports fan, I’d love to see Manning go off into the sunset with a win in what will probably be his last season in the league and tie his little brother in Manning rings. On the other hand, Cam and the boys are the most entertaining sports team to watch (that is, if you don’t watch the NBA & the Golden State Warriors). In the end, I see Carolina coming out of this game victorious by a score of 35-27.

The Super Bowl is one of, if not, the most watched event in sports and probably even TV. With the Panthers and Broncos in it this year, the back stories on how they got here, and all the variables in play, I would almost guarantee that everyone and their mother will be glued to the game on February 7th. If you’re one of the few people who “don’t care about the Super Bowl”, fear not! Don’t forget that they have cool commercials and Coldplay with Beyonce performing at halftime. Until then, make your boxes, buy your snacks and beer, and get ready to enjoy the sports game of the year!


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