Stamford: From Small Town to Big City

Stamford: The City That Works….Too Much.

I’m proud to be able to call my hometown Stamford, Connecticut. We have a diverse group of residents, an entertaining downtown scene, and a bunch of great places to eat and have fun. Growing up, Stamford was a pretty quiet town where everyone knew each other and you can go just about anywhere without really being bothered. As the time passes and things change, so has the atmosphere of the town. Now, corporate buildings are popping up everywhere, just about any open piece of property either becomes a bank or an apartment complex, and the level of traffic has skyrocketed. What happened to the small city of Stamford? Where’d the sense of community go?

I feel like we are slowly but surely falling into this trap where everyone is all about themselves. No longer do I see people stop and say hi to each other like they used to, kids would rather be on their phones than riding their bikes around the block or playing a game of capture the flag. The corporate growth of our city has spread into how we treat each other, and to me that’s not cool. We need to go back to the way it used to be and bring back our family-style community (and that doesn’t mean buying someone a drink at McFadden’s). Let’s start bringing the small town feeling back in Stamford!

When I got my license, driving around Stamford was actually more fun than strenuous. Nowadays, Hope Street might as well change its name to Hopeless Street, since driving on there is pretty much that. Downtown Stamford is starting to mirror a mild version of New York City; congested, high strung, and full of New York drivers who don’t know what a signal is. I am starting to really hate driving around town, unless its past 10 and barely anyone is on the streets. Thank God I know the back roads, or I’d end up posting this from a long line of red break lights on Washington Boulevard.

I have a friend who told me that she had no idea who her neighbors were. That to me is astonishing. When I was younger, not only did all my neighbors know who I was, but they also knew my parents and our phone number in case anything were to happen (or if we got caught getting in trouble). I feel like the media has part to blame with why we don’t interact with each other; with all this negativity going on in the world, we confine ourselves in our houses attached to our tablets or smart phones and miss out on the beauty that is outside. Remember when outside was the only place you wanted to be? When your parents had to call you in because you were having too much fun? I’m sure there’s an app for that nowadays, but nothing beats the real thing.

In short, I guess the point of this was to bring to the forefront a change in our town that to me isn’t sitting right. I miss how happy and fun things used to be, when exploring town was an adventure instead of a hassle, and when I can walk around and feel comfortable wherever I go. The hustle and bustle of this town is taking away one of the core things that makes Stamford what it is: a family. I’m not saying that those of us who reside here aren’t proud to be from Stamford or have changed their values, all I’m saying is we should show it more. Not on Facebook or in the caption of a picture of the sunset on Instagram, but by our actions and our words.


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