Phil’s Top 5 Ways to Have a Great Month of December

Ah, December. The beginning of snow, the end of the year, and the start to 365 more days of living (God willing). Many people take the month of December for granted. Sure, it’s going to get cold, work is going to be an even bigger struggle to go to since the holidays are around the corner, but don’t let that stop you from making the last month of the year the best month of the year! Need some ideas on how to spice up the chilly month of December? See what I did there in that last sentence? HAHA! Anyways, here are 5 things that you can/should do to make the 12th month of the year #1:

  1. Throw An Ugly Sweater Party

This has become one of the more popular types of holiday parties in December. There’s nothing better than gathering together with friends and/or family while wearing your grandmother’s sweater and getting wasted. Blast some Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” or do the jingle bell rock while rocking your festive Cosby sweater (zippity zoopity!). Remember: the uglier the sweater, the better. For some of you, that may just be as easy as grabbing something out of your dresser. Nonetheless, have a good time with good people and look hideous while you do it.

  1. Build an Igloo

If you live in New England, chances are that you’re going to see some snow sometime this month. When you get a good amount of snow, make yourself an igloo! You may be thinking “dude, an igloo?” Yeah! All you have to do is get a bunch of snow, pile it into a big mountain, hollow out a little tunnel and make yourself a nice little hut of snow. When you hollow the inside of your igloo, make sure not to go too far or the ceiling will cave in on you (I know from experience). Once you made your igloo, now it’s time to enjoy it! Try to make one big enough for more than one person, bury some beers in the snow and enjoy yourself. Consider it your Eskimo Escape from reality.

  1. Secret Santa

Another tradition around the holiday season is having a Secret Santa. This is where you and a few friends get together, put your names in a hat, and pick someone randomly to get a gift for the holidays. If you’re going to be lame, you can get the person you pick a gift card or something else that’s generic and boring. If you want to make it funny, get something random like broccoli or an oven mitt. Whatever rout you go, make sure that it’s all in good fun. If I was your secret Santa, you’d be getting the same thing Old Man Clemons got on his front porch in Billy Madison.

  1. Donate Clothes/Toys

Aside from doing something fun this month, you can also do something rewarding not only to someone else, but to yourself. Have a bunch of clothes from this year that don’t fit you anymore? Donate them to Goodwill or a Salvation Army. I personally have gotten to the age where I no longer want/need anything for Christmas, and get more pleasure giving than receiving. Donate some toys to Toys for Tots or one of many organizations that collect gifts for children less fortunate. A majority of us were blessed to have Christmas every year, but not all of us are as lucky. Make some kids Christmas a little better, and in turn, better yourself.

  1. New Year’s Eve Party

As a teen, all I wanted to do around New Year’s Eve was going out and party with my friends. Since my parents never really let me go out, many of my teenage New Year’s Eve nights consisted of me and my brother banging pots and pans while pouting over the fact that we were stranded at home. Since then, I’ve been spending my New Years at one of my buddies’ houses, usually with 40 other drunken people and, if the night panned out the way I hope it did, ended with me snuggled up to the first lucky lady of the new year. Long story short, I realized how much fun going to a New Year’s Eve party can be. There are not too many feelings like beginning a whole new year with the people that made the previous one amazing, and for that I’m grateful. Who knows; maybe they’ll have pots and pans at their house to keep up the tradition!

There are many things that you can do this month to make it fun, festive, and memorable, but these to me are some of the most fun. Whatever you decide to do this month, make sure that you are responsible. Sure it’s fun to get drunk and party with friends and family, but if you want to be able to do the same next year, get a safe ride home. Aside from that, be sure to spread a lot of love, a lot of happiness, and end this year with a warm heart to beat the cold weather!


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