Good Eats: Connecticut Lands in 3 of the Top 5 Favorite Pizza’s in America

Connecticut Doesn’t Serve Crusty Pizza, Just Good Pizza Crust

We can argue (or at least I can) all day about who has the best food. Chicago is known for their hot dogs, Philly is known for their steak and cheeses, and fish tacos in California. With New York being our neighbor, we know what good pizza tastes like. Some would say that the best pizza in America comes from somewhere in New York, but what if I told you that Connecticut is actually home to America’s favorite pizza? I’m about to serve up a slice of knowledge and let you know which three lucky CT pizza spots made it in the top 5 Favorite Pizzerias in America. Little reminder: if you don’t eat the crust, pass it my way.Pepe's

According to The Daily Meal, Frank Pepe’s Pizza in New Haven is the number one pizzeria in America for the third
consecutive year. And why not? Their pizza is amazing. If you live in Connecticut and haven’t ventured out to Frank Pepe’s for one of their trademark thin-crust White Clam Pizza’s, then you my friend are missing out. Celebrating its 90th birthday this past June, Frank Pepe’s Pizza in New Haven shows no signs of slowing down or changing anything. After all; if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

Coming in at number three (but to us Stamford residents, number one in our hearts) was Colony Pizza in Stamford. Words can’t describe my love for their pies. Perfect in size, texture, throw in a few stingers and hot oil and I’m set. Seriously though, how many other places have a corn beef and cabbage pizza for St. Patrick’s Day? In my opinion, if you haven’t had a hot oil pie from Colony, then you haven’t gone. Glad to see that America has good taste buds and knows a good slice when they see one.

Number four wasModern Pizza Modern Pizza which is also in New Haven. Although I haven’t been there personally, I have heard from
friends who live in the area that if you are a local, you go there instead of Pepe’s (spoiled). Modern Pizza is known for its coal-fired brick oven pies which are usually covered in toppings. Take for instance their Italian Bomb pizza with bacon, sausage, pepperoni, garlic, mushroom, onion and pepper. You can safely say that you won’t leave here hungry or dissatisfied, but don’t take my word on it, take America’s!

Other Connecticut pizzerias that made the Top 35 are Sally’s Apizza in New Haven (#6), Mulberry Street Pizza In Manchester (#20), Bru Room and Bar in New Haven (#22), Zuppardi’s in West Haven (#26), and Roseland Pizza in Derby (#27). Connecticut represented in 8 out of the 35 spots on this list, including 3 in the top 5. As a proud Stamford resident and food connoisseur, I’m glad that we got noticed for our pizza. Everytime someone asks me where to eat in Stamford, first thing I tell them is to grab a Colony hot oil, because, well, it’s the shit. Apparently, the rest of America thinks so too. Connecticut stand up! Check out the link below to see the rest of the winners.


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