All In: Joey “Ice Cube” McKeehen Beats Josh Beckley to win World Series of Poker

“Pay Him, Pay That Man His Money”

Joe Ice Cube

Fall is one of the prime times for all major sports: the beginning of the NHL & NBA, mid-season of the NFL, and the World Series for the MLB. To me it’s more like this: thank God the NHL is back, who cares about basketball, Cowboys are 2-6 so fuck that, and the Mets lost the World Series to the Royals. However, there is a World Series that I found a little more interesting (maybe because I don’t really like baseball, or maybe because I’m a degenerate). That would be the World Series of Poker Final Table, which took place at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Why do I find this championship a little more interesting? Throw your chips in the middle and find out.

The World Series of Poker got its start in 1970 with an invite-only game at Benny Binion’s Las Vegas casino, where those who were invited and played would initially pick who won. The game of choice was No-Limit Texas Hold Em’, a card game in which each player receives two cards that are unseen by the other contestants, and five “community” cards, or cards everyone can play off of.

First there are three cards shown called the “flop”, the fourth one being the “turn” card, and the fifth being the “river” card. Players are able to gamble in between each of the three deals. Since its establishment, the WSOP has grown to be a global contest that attracts thousands of poker players a year.

Joey McKeehen is “Cold as Ice” at the Table

This year, 25 year old Pennsylvania native Joey “Ice Cube” McKeehen ousted his competition in style. His $7.68 million in winnings over the three day final event is more money than 12 starting NFL quarterbacks are making this season (including the 8-0 Andy Dalton). McKeehen had 63.1 million chips going into Sunday, which was more than twice as many as second place. When it was all said and done, he had over 128 million chips, more than triple the amount of the person closest to his stack. Simply put: Joey had ice in his veins, fire hands, and one of poker’s goofiest stare downs.

Joe got his nickname “Ice Cube” because of his lazy demeanor. When his family was moving around furniture, he spent his time sitting on the couch. The only time he got up was to fill the ice trays, and since then, the nickname was born. Being 25 and landing $7.8 million in three days playing cards is, to me, amazing. I’m sure it isn’t the same feeling as scoring a game winning goal or throwing a perfect game, but to win that much money off a pair of 10’s on a poker flop sounds like a good day in the office to me. This is almost as impressive as when Zach Galifianakis bankrupt the casino in Hangover. This will also be the first World Series win in Philadelphia since the Philly’s in 08′.

Poker Fun


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