Hotline Bling: Creative or Corny? Most Spoofed Song of 2015

“Ever Since You Left DeGrassi You…”

The day is July 31st, 2015. Drake decides that he is going to release a new song entitled “Hotline Bling” for his fans, hoping that it catches fire. Sure enough, the song made it to #1 on the Billboard, becoming his first top 10 single in two years. Fast forward to today, November 9th, 2015: “Hotline Bling” is still in the top 10 on the Billboard, on every hip-hop/R&B station (along with “The Hills”) and probably one of the most made fun of videos in recent memory. The question I have to ask is: do people actually enjoy the song, or enjoy making fun of it?

First off, I have to admit, the song itself is very catchy. The beat almost sounds like elevator music, but with a bunch of high hats and bass to make it funky. The lyrics are kind of fun too I guess. The only parts that I truly remember though are “I know when that hotline bling” and “Ever since I left the city you”, the rest of the song was corny. Speaking of corny, the music video for the song was ridiculous. Some may try to pull the whole “artistic ability” defense and say he was going for something creative, whereas for me it looked like Drake was doing a bunch of 1950’s shuffling and twisting.

The video is Drake dancing in a white box which is then illuminated with all sorts of colors as he spastically moves around. Somewhere in the midst of that, some women come and show us how round their asses are, or how one of them can double as a pillow for Drake. The only moment in this video that resembles anything of a hotline was the beginning and end where they show skimpy women in call booths. Video of the year? HELL NO. High school Media Arts project? Yes.

Although the song itself has gotten a lot of praise and acceptance, I for one think that this was one of if not the song/video that has been spoofed the most this year. It’s been made fun of so much, that SNL even went out to make their own parody of the song featuring presidential candidate Donald Trump. Sure it may or may not have been a good song (depending who you ask), but I think that it is  the biggest joke of a song in 2015. He may have won the battle against Meek Mill, but he’s losing the war against everyone else. Check out the parodies that have been made on the video on the link below and let me know what you think!


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