I Love the 90’s: A Salute to the 90’s Kids

You Can’t Handle The Truth! The 90’s Ruled.

I thank God every day that he brought me to the world when he did. Kids today may think that they’re hot shit because they have an iPhone or an iPad, access to the internet whenever they want, and the highest quality movies and video games known to man as of now. That’s great, but consider yourselves lucky and unlucky at the same time. The best of technology today has nothing compared to the stuff us 90’s kids had growing up. CD players, tape players, Sega Genesis, VHS, Blockbuster, just to name a few of the awesome things that I remember growing up. I’m going to take you through a day in the life of a 90’s kid (cue Wayne’s World flashback scene).

First, I’d wake up and turn on Nickelodeon to see if any of my morning cartoons were on. Maybe I’d catch an episode of Power Rangers or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the cool ones, not the creepy ones) before I’d grab a Go-Gurt and a glass of Sunny D, throw on my L.A Gear light up Velcro shoes, Tommy Hilfiger T-Shirt, and snapback Looney Tunes hat and make my way to school. At school, recess was the shit. We’d play football, tag, hide and seek, or bump Backstreet Boys or N’SYNC* on our boom boxes and argue who is what member of the band.

90's funy

For reading material, I often found myself reading Goosebumps, Highlights Magazine, Nickelodeon Magazine, or any Boxcar Kids book. If those weren’t available, I’d pick up an I Spy book and spend some time looking for things. Once school was over, I’d hop on the bus and go home just in time to watch Figure It Out with Summer Sanders (and always wishing I could get slimed).

If it was Saturday, I’d anticipate the night for Snick or a Disney channel original movie like Smart House or Luck of the Irish. If I wasn’t watching TV, I was playing Sonic on my Sega Genesis (depending on if I was allowed to) or slamming my slammer Pog on a stack to try and win some off my friends. When we got bored of our video games, we would get or cap guns and play cops and robbers around the block, or get the neighborhood kids together and play capture the flag or kick the can. There’s no app for that.


When the streetlights came on or we heard our parents screaming our names (since we didn’t have cell phones when we were kids) we came in for dinner. The meal for a typical 90’s kid was probably a Kid Cuisine, Lunchable, or chicken nuggets with green ketchup. Slug a Caprisun or Surge soda and call it a meal. At our school dances, we had the Macarena, the electric slide, and the YMCA. At night, we’d hope that our parents weren’t on the phone so we can use the dial up internet to IM our friends on AOL. You know all those cool Disney movies like Lion King and Toy Story that you kids nowadays love? I have the ticket stubs ($5 a ticket, too).


These are all a few examples of what made the 90’s fun. I’m sure that I can go on and on about what we did, what we had, and how amazing it was, but I’ll spare you. I’m very grateful to have grown up in the time that I did. Anyone will tell you that their generation is the best, but I can honestly say the 90’s were the shit, and our generation is inching ever so closely to becoming actual adults. Let this article serve as a memory to cherish the times you had, the time you have left, and the memories you made and make. Now if you excuse me, my fucking Tamagotchi won’t shut up.



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