Uncle Sam’s Stash: Two Florida Residents Get Free Grass from Government for Life

Florida Residents Toke Up On Legally Funded Bud

One of the hottest debates in our country is about the laws regarding the use, possession, and sale of medical and recreational marijuana. Washington and Colorado are the only two states in the United States that have passed the law allowing recreational marijuana use, and 23 of the 50 states are for marijuana for medical use. With the legalization of marijuana, the government is sure to make some money in sales (Colorado reported an estimated $70 million in revenue as of July 2015). What if I told you that there are two Florida residents who get the government greenery sent to them by Uncle Sam for free? You’re not stoned, I said it. There are two residents who get pot for free on our dime!Irvin

Back in 1978, a man by the name of Bob Randall had brought a lawsuit against the FDA, DEA, National Institute on Drug Abuse, Department of Justice, AND Department of Health, Education & Welfare stating that he should be allowed to use marijuana medically to aid his glaucoma. After his victory in the court, the federal government started providing him with the government good-good. Later that year, the U.S started the Compassionate Investigational New Drug Program, aka if you signed up for this program and got accepted, you were getting free grass for life compliments of us, the tax payers.

Of the six people who qualified for this program, four of them are still alive today: Irvin Rosenfeld, Barbara Douglas, George McMahon, and Elvy Musikka. Elvy and Irvin are the two Florida residents that I had mentioned earlier. Elvy suffers from glaucoma, and Irvin Rosenfeld suffers from a rare bone disorder. Every month, the government ships them a tin container, holding 300 pre rolled doobies. If you’re doing the math, that’s equivalent to 10 joints a day! Even though they get their stash from the government, they still chuckle at the fact that the laws are all messed up and our government is hypocritical. Not sure if it’s true laughter or they just have the giggles.Elvy

For the stoners who tried to Google Compassionate Investigational New Drug Program hoping to sign up and smoke up, sorry. The program has been stopped since 1992 and the government doesn’t even acknowledge its existence. Where are they getting their supply from? Well, the government just renewed its $68 million contract with the University of Mississippi so that they can continue to grow that good old American dank. Why isn’t this included in Obamacare? Shit, the way they’re screwing us already, you’d have to be stoned to tolerate it!

I am not condoning the use of marijuana in any way, shape or form, but simply pointing out the comedic value of this piece. In the same country that has been fighting (and losing) a war on drugs since Nixon, they’re the ones that literally give the stuff away! Not saying that those who are with the program don’t deserve it, but come on. Free weed? Potheads everywhere are sighing in disbelief. I also find it funny how our laws are so strong against weed, yet you can go to a CVS 24 hours a day to get your pain meds or your anti-anxiety medicine that most likely gets abused/misused. The only use that a CVS has for a stoner is candy, chips, water and eye drops. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!


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