Phil’s Philosophy


From time to time, I like to spend a moment and think about life and the many things that make it interesting. Trust me; living in America gives you a lot of material, especially with how the media is with whatMedia they decide to show. I think that it’s crazy how if you run a TV or radio station, you control what is considered to be good, bad and indifferent. To me, there are always three sides of the story: one side, the other side, and the truth. I feel like we get none of those for the most part, which leads me and I’m sure many others unsure of what to believe, or simply not to care. Simply put: if the news doesn’t affect you directly, don’t bother worrying about it. Live your life accordingly and don’t be an asshole, basically.

Speaking of assholes, I think that aPumpkinny parent that is complaining about children c
elebrating Halloween is an asshole. I get that we’re living in a more political
ly correct society, but come on! If your kid wants to get dressed as the Hulk and you told him no, you’re deemed a shitty mom/dad for the rest of your life as far as they’re concerned. Preventing kids from getting candy should be a crime. Their teeth are going to fall out anyway, so a few Snickers and Reese’s Pieces won’t hurt. Dress like a parent who wants to see their kid have fun for Halloween, no need to be a Scrooge.

I’m not a fan of the Kardashians. I think that that whole family is media driven and they don’t really have a “real” side seeingKardashians as cameras follow them everywhere. The only REAL reason that your last name is relevant is the fact that the father was involved in the O.J Simpson case back in the day. If he were still alive, I’m sure he’d charge all of you with indecent
exposure the way that you all act. You’re all for the most part beautiful looks wise, but you all have the personalities of a ball of lint. In the end, the media will end you, and I hope I switch to KUWTK when that happens.

TechnologyTechnology is very cool, and is getting even cooler as the years go by. However, I think that all of these advancements in technology are going to end up ruining our society. More and more I see (and fall victim to) people with their necks down staring at their smart phones, not realizing that life is happening around them. There are kids as young as one or two learning how to use an iPad before saying “hi dad”. Again, I’m all for the future of technology, but come on people! Instead of watching your kids through a 6 inch screen, soak it all in by just putting down the phone and watching. Another thing I
can’t stand are these hover boards that everyone uses. This to me is another example of the laziness of America. Cool, you can look like Michael Jackson in the Smooth Criminal video and move on a two wheeler. Wait until I pull a Big Daddy and throw a stick while you cruise by me.


On a positive note, I’m all for the spreading of good vibes and happiness. All you ever really hear about nowadays is about

all the hate, destruction, and despair that go on. What about all the beautiful things the world has to offer? Instead of publicizing about how offended you feel, say something about how grateful you are to be alive and get to experience the journey that is life. It’s too short, and you should value all the good that happens and be happy. Make someone smile today, tomorrow, and everyday!


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