Will’s Hills: Will Thomiz Remixes “The Hills” by The Weeknd

Unless you are either deaf or don’t own a radio, then you’ve heard “The Hills” by The Weeknd. It is currently the #1 song on the Billboard 100 list and has the music world bumping. In the song, The Weeknd describes a rendezvous with a woman who clearly has another man. The Weeknd also makes it clear that he has to be intoxicated in order to be himself (“When I’m fucked up, that’s the real me). Since the songs release, there have been a few remixes by notable artists, including Eminem and Nicki Minaj. Local Stamford artist Will Thomiz decided to take a trip to the hills and claim them as his own in his remix entitled “Will’s Hills”, and the results are bonkers.

Unlike the original and its other remixes, Will’s version takes a whole different approach to the song as he flows through the entire track with a flawless delivery. Will’s Hills is packed with metaphors, punch lines and clever word play, similar to that of an Eminem mixed with a little Twista. Produced by Chris Burke and edited by Bvrnout , this track is fire. Will shows us that you don’t need to follow all the trends that most rappers today are taking to be heard. If anything, people are losing their ears for rap with all this new bullshit that gets put out all the time. I can assure you that Will’s Hills isn’t one of those types of songs.

Rap today has fallen into simplistic lyrics, a catchy hook and a sick beat. Those who are fans of the art of rap and hip hop know that it’s way more than that. It’s about the hunger, the want to be the best in the game. It’s about the presentation, the lyrics, the meaning of what you say. We need more of what Will brings to the table in this song. Not any of this “1738” one eyed bullshit or dancing in an iTunes visual effect box like what we hear and see today. Will wants to be heard by anyone and everyone who actually appreciates music, and I think it’s about time he does. Check out “Will’s Hills” on the SoundCloud link provided on the bottom. WARNING: its dope. Feel free to give us your feedback and let us know what you think!


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