Hotline Bling: I Hope I Get the Busy Signal

Music today is totally different than the music that I would listen to back in the day, primarily hip hop. I grew up listening to Eminem (while he was on drugs) B.I.G, Big L, Jay Z (pre wifed up) and Nas just to name a few. These guys had some of the best lyrics, flows, and music videos of my time, and some if not most of them are still played today. Nowadays, all rap sounds like glorified ringtones and repetitive beats and boo-boo lyrics. Drake is one of the biggest people in hip hop and R&B, and just released a video for his song “Hotline Bling”. Here’s the video if you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the link to watch it (it was released on Apple Music, and YouTube doesn’t have it yet):

Drake’s Hotline Bling Released on Apple Music

First thing I thought about the video was “damn, these girls look sexy as hell” as it starts off with an office full of beautiful women in tight jeans and pink shirts. Then, the real fun happens. For a majority of the video, it’s basically Drake dancing (or having spasms) in a box that changes colors. He also raps while sitting on a staircase. Finally, the women come back for a little bit of booty shaking in the box with Drake, then the video cuts to the beginning scene with the women in the offices. What?

I was so confused this whole video. The song is called “Hotline Bling” and we saw that in the first 30 seconds of the video where there’s an actual hotline center. What does having epileptic seizures in a color changing box have to do with a hotline? Please don’t try and pull a Kanye and say that this video was “artistic”. The only way it was artistic was the fact you included all the primary colors shining in your little cube. I enjoy the song, not gonna lie it’s catchy, but at least have a dope video to match it with, not a high school media arts project.

Diddy is the only artist that I can excuse for just bouncing around in a video, because that’s his M.O. Drake should’ve flipped this video into an all-out club party in a call center. THAT would’ve been dope. But hey, I guess he’s not as charged up as he was a couple weeks ago. Michael Jackson spent $3,000 on his “Rock with You” video using nothing but a laser and a black background, at least he sings and dances better than your spastic moving.


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