The Great Religious and Culture Friendly Pumpkin: Milford Bans Halloween in Schools

Tricked for Treats: Milford Bans Halloween in Schools

Milford Boo

Halloween as a kid always was one of the best holidays growing up. You get to dress up, hang out with your friends, and obviously the candy is the most important part! Overall, Halloween is a holiday that is meant to be someone else for a change, the ability to morph into another person for a day and act goofy. Unfortunately for the kids in the Milford, Connecticut school district, they won’t be able to participate in any of the festivities this year.

The Milford School District has decided to ban the popular Halloween parades at all of their elementary schools as to not exclude those who can’t or won’t participate in the holiday. The decision came from “numerous incidents of children being excluded from activities due to religion, cultural beliefs, etc.” Along with the parades, kids and staff are forbidden from wearing any type of costume into school and the rooms must be fall themed, not Halloween, and food isn’t an option.

This decision caused uproar among the Milford community. Many parents have voiced their opinion on the matter and many agree that this isn’t so much a change as much as it is an attack on a tradition. One parent suggested instead of abandoning Halloween altogether, you can simply have those who celebrate be a part of the parade, and those who aren’t have their own little party as to not feel left out.

This to me is total bullshit. How the hell are you going to take away one of the only holidays that kids can actually celebrate in school with their friends out of school? Halloween was the time where you get to show off the cool Power Rangers costume that you and five of your friends have. Maybe snag some candy from your favorite teacher, or just pretend to be your favorite super hero for the day. I’m respectful of all religions and beliefs, but that NEVER came into play when I was in school as far as Halloween goes.

I hope all the Milford School District executives’ children don’t get any candy and have their houses egged. That, or just pull a Billy Madison and light a flaming bag of dog shit on their porch. Mischief night in Milford is going to be crazy, huh? I’m sure the kids can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day this coming February because not every kid has someone to love too? If I were a parent of a child in Milford, I’d send my kid to school on Halloween all dressed up. What are they going to do? Send him home? Fine. That’s just an early start to trick-or-treating.


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