This One Will Last a Lifetime: My Night at the Rangers Home Opener

They say that the world works in mysterious ways. It just so happened to work in my favor this past weekend when I was given tickets to this year’s New York Rangers season opener at Madison Square Garden. A fellow co-worker at my job, who is a season ticket holder, wasn’t able to make it to the game, and offered me two tickets before anyone else! I couldn’t say yes quickly enough, and still to this day couldn’t thank him enough for a night that I won’t forget for a while.Tickets

Since I had an extra ticket, I knew that the only other person I’d want to come with me would be my brother, Will. He’s just as big of a Rangers fan as I am. Now, we’ve always gone to Ranger games since we were kids, but we NEVER had seats this good (except Willie sat against the glass and got on TV once). We were close enough to where if Zuccarello had burped, I could’ve told you what he had to eat.

Rangers Game1

We had an opportunity to sneak down to glass level seats for the first five minutes of the first, including the beginning of the game where they had an opening ceremony for the Blueshirts being back at home. We got to see Oscar Lindberg score his first two goals in the Garden (who also took the time to photo bomb my Snapchat during the game). Once I noticed the two guys whose seats we kind of stole, we decided to leave before things got awkward.

Rangers Game2

Besides the adrenaline rush of the crowd roaring in the Garden, just the fact that I was able to experience my first Rangers home opener with my brother in some of the best seats I’ve ever had made this night special. Sure, Tiesto and Luke Wilson were in the section next to us, and weren’t nice enough to wait for me to take a picture with them, but still. The Blueshirts ended up winning 5-2 against Columbus, and this truly was a moment that will last a lifetime!



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