I Don’t Beliebe It: Justin Bieber’s Father Tweets about His Son’s Nude Picture

Dad, You’re Embarassing Me!

There’s nothing worse than when your parents do something to embarrass you in public. They try to use slang in front of your friends to feel “hip”, attempt to sing “Juicy” by The Notorious B.I.G (better known to parents as “that big small guy”), or show the girl your trying to date embarrassing pictures of you when you were younger. To all the guys: what if your dad kicked the embarrassment level up a notch by letting the world know how proud he is that you’re, as Bernie Mac famously called it, “blessed”? I’m sure your dad wouldn’t post anything up about it on social media, but Justin Bieber’s dad would!

The Biebs and Jayde Pierce had been vacationing out in Bora Bora this past week when nude pictures of Justin leaked all over the internet. The photo shows the “What Do You Mean” singer hanging out on a balcony, no pun intended, flashing everyone the goods. I’m sure panties everywhere had to be changed as soon as that photo was out to the masses. The news spread across all social media, especially Twitter, where JB’s pappy decided to make shit really weird.

Below is the tweet that Jeremy Bieber, Justin’s father, sent out after his nude picture went viral:

Bieber dad

Uhhhhh, what? Dude, in no way or on no planet in my opinion is it acceptable for a father to comment publically on his son’s size. Another thing I feel that makes this tweet super awkward is his poor choice in emoji. That’s the face that the 16-year-olds that follow him made when they saw it. I heard Jeremy Bieber had nude pictures up for sale, but no one wanted them. Maybe the apple fell too far from the tree in that department, eh?

In the end, Bette Midler had the last laugh, and by far shut Jeremy Bieber down. She decided to throw her two cents in on his comments by tweeting:


Guess that explains why Justin’s top hit now is “Where R Ü Now”.


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