Rain Rain Go Away: Westhill Files Grievance Over Postponement of Football Game

Ram’s Afraid of Rain, Change Football Game from Friday to Monday

Growing up as a Westhill Viking, we had a lot of rivals. Sure we can count Trinity and Stamford High, but that comes with the fact that there are 3 high schools in Stamford. One thing that all three local teams have in common is their hatred for those schools that are right outside our area: Ridgefield, Darien, Greenwich, and Norwalk. The school that I hated the MOST out of all teams on Stamford’s outskirts was New Canaan. Whether it was them claiming that we’re “poor” or “trashy”, or just the fact that they always thought they were better than us and can get away with anything, thus leading to the topic of this post.

The Westhill Vikings were supposed to play the New Canaan Rams in football under the lights for a night game tonight. When the forecast called for rain, however, Ram’s athletic director Jay Egan informed Vikings athletic director Larry Savo that the game will be moved to Monday, despite the fact that Westhill wanted to keep the game Friday. Westhill coach Frank Marcucio claims that the move was made with a competitive advantage in mind, and less about the fact that it called for poor weather. Egan states that the move was more or less with the fans and player’s health in mind, and not so much about a competitive advantage.

This, to me and the whole Westhill community at least, seems like some tomfoolery has been taking place. According to coach Marcucio, New Canaan’s passing game is the only strong point of their game. He also noted that in New Canaan’s 22 losses over the past 11 years, ¼ of them were in inclement weather, including five of their last six.

“We always look at the weather and game plan accordingly. That’s what good coaches do”.-Coach Frank Marcucio, WesthillExcuses

Hey Mr. Egan: you afraid of a little rain? I thought football was played in any weather. Like the Patriots, seems like your balls were a little deflated when you heard the Vikings were ready for your squad, come rain, sleet or snow. Coming from a former Viking who would be happy when our football team did anything close to a .500 season, I feel like those kids were robbed of a potential upset, or at most a closer game than the 55-12 blowout that took place this Monday.

Winter is coming up: plan on postponing snowy games? Or maybe you want to cancel a game because it’s too cold out? Either way, why don’t you be a good leader of your team and prepare for ANY circumstance. That, or tell your player’s au pairs to pack extra socks and shirts so that they are nice and warm.


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