15 Year Old Fails at Fire Challenge, On Life Support

Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen our fair share of “Challenges”. The most popular challenge being the Ice Bucket Challenge; a participant dumps ice water on their head and calls out three others to do the same. If you don’t participate within 24 hours, you are usually required to donate to the ALS cause. This is awesome! For every great challenge for a cause, there are many that are just outright stupid. There’s the “Loud Challenge” where people videotape themselves smoking weed in public places (preferably a mall or grocery store) and then there’s a challenge that lead this 15 year to being on life support.

15 year old Robert Seals from Florida thought he was just participating in the newest “Fire Challenge” when he doused himself in gasoline and lit himself on fire. Unfortunately for him, he failed. Miserably. Seal is now in the Shriners Hospital for Children on life support suffering from second and third-degree burns. On top of that, two of his friends involved may face culpable-negligence charges.

Get A Degree in School, Not Burns.

These challenges are getting dumber by the minute. I can just picture our parents saying “if there were a jump off a bridge challenge, would you do that too?” Rob, my man, the only time that someone should be on fire is on a ruit table or when they play NBA Jam. Maybe if you wanted to also participate with the Ice Bucket Challenge too, you would’ve been able to put yourself out and maybe only limit yourself to first degree burns.

Seeing as the kids today are coming up with pointless things to do, I’m going to start a challenge called the “Compliment Challenge”. This is where you have to video record yourself complimenting 3 of your friends and challenge them to do the same for three other people. It spreads love and is a good message to everyone. Hey, it beats freezing to death or looking like Richard Pryor running down the street on fire!


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