Babysitter Bangs 11-Year-Old-Boy, Father Approves

Guys, we’ve all been there. You’re 11-12 years old, life begins to get hard (giggity) and your feelings towards girls (or guys) starts to change. Basically, that’s when we start to learn that we were equipped with two heads and enough blood to run one at the same time. Some of us also had the privilege of having an attractive female who would come and watch us while our parents are away. Well, for this 11-year-old boy, the woman watching him gave a new meaning to the word “babysitter” and his father is perfectly OK with it!

Jade Hatt, 21, was watching an 11-year old boy who she had been previously responsible for in the past, when she decided to give him a little strip tease. One night, according to the Swindon Advertiser, she started to take her clothes off, proceeded to take the boys off, and sat on top of him and started “bouncing on his private parts” for about 45 seconds. The father, who had a sexual relationship prior to the incident with his son, then defends the babysitter in court claiming that his son was “sex mad” and “fully up for the experience”. Hatt also told police the boy said he was 15, which was a lie seeing as she’s watched him in the past and was fully aware of his age.

Wiener Cousins with your Dad at 11? C’mon Son.

Where the hell do I begin with a story like this? Jerry Springer should be handling this case. We’ve got a hornball for a son, a perv for a dad, and a nympho for a babysitter. I heard of keeping it in the family, but damn dude! Wait until he has a “teen” in his age, preferably with an eight in front of it, you know? Legal consent? I’m sure plenty of guys are reading this saying “attaboy” or giving this dude props on doing something that I’m sure he didn’t even know how to do. He laid the lower case d on a grown woman who is old enough to know that having sex with an 11-year-old isn’t right. Also, shame on the father for agreeing with it! He should’ve let nature take its course and let his son have an awkward first time like the rest of us (or most of us).

As a man, growing up and going through puberty is a crazy time. Woman seem hotter than usual, you pitch tents for no reason and don’t know why, not to mention the voice cracking and facial hair. As much as I’d wonder what to do with a girl, let alone a women, if I ever had the chance, I think at 11 the only thing I was worried about was if I was going to have recess or not. So Jade: have fun registering yourself as a sex offender for 7 years, and maybe switch your profession to “adultsitter”.


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