UConn-Not Do That: Drunk Kid Gets Arrested Over Mac & Cheese

Hangry: The feeling of being angry and hungry at the same time. We’ve all been there, especially after a long night, or rough morning after a long night of drinking. Unfortunately for one UConn student, his hangry tantrum that he threw in the Union Street Market landed him in hand cuffs.

On Sunday night just around 10 PM, UConn student Luke Gatti decided that he wanted some bacon-jalapeno mac & cheese. When the manager denied him access because Luke had been drinking in the market, he got confrontational and started to verbally assault the manager with a plethora of expletives, along with some shoving. After acting tough and pouting his chest a few times, another market employee proceeded to put Luke in a head lock and pinned him on the ground until police arrived.

Jalape-no Mac & Cheese For You, Luke.

Damn, what are they putting in that bacon-jalapeno mac & cheese that has this dude getting brawlic over not getting any? You’re clearly trying to act big in front of the crowd of people who are watching you make a complete ass out of yourself. Not only did the guy narc you out for drinking in his market, but he’s also trying to be cool about it and let you leave without any repercussions. Instead, you insist on thinking you’re “not to be fucked with” and harass a guy because he’s doing his job.

I love the part when he says “The cops aren’t going to come to this, cause this is a fucking joke” not knowing that what he’s doing is breaking the law. Wait! PLOT TWIST! He’s been arrested for disorderly conduct TWICE before this, one involving an officer. So you’re telling me that your repeat offense isn’t going to bring the cops around? Dude, have another. I hope to God you’re not at UConn studying any type of law, because we can all tell you’d be failing miserably.

After putting up a fight for your bacon-jalapeno mac & cheese, you proceed to get manhandled by a guy with a chef hat on. He tossed you so hard, you lost your shoes (you were actually wearing sandals with socks, nerd). My favorite part of this whole thing is the end when he’s begging for his shoes while crying “FUUUUCCCKKK” “WHERE ARE MY SHOES!?!” In the end, was it worth it? Nope. Have fun eating Bubba’s left overs in the slammer Luke!


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