Eastern European Woman Constructs A Crazy Hairdo With Builder’s Foam

Bad hair days. We’ve all had them. Waking up looking like we have a bird’s nest on our head, knots that eventually get ripped out by a comb or brush, something along those lines. Having a buzz cut for most of my life, I’m fortunate enough there’s no such thing as a bad scalp day. Unfortunately for one woman in Eastern Europe, she may have had the worst hair day of 2015. This is also a classic example of why we always read things before we use them.

This poor woman, who has yet to be identified (and probably shouldn’t to spare the embarrassment) started her morning like every other one beforehand. However, when it came down to throwing a little mousse in her hair to give her head some pizzazz, she didn’t realize that she accidentally grabbed the builder’s foam. The results were priceless (check out her stylish hairdo in the picture above).

This is comical. Of course the first question that anyone would have here is what is a can of expanding builder’s foam doing in your bathroom? I know that it was made to fill gaps, but I don’t think that they meant bald spots. Because you didn’t take the time to read what you were about to put in your hair, you now look like you have duck-bill on your head. I bet she brushes her teeth with Preparation H too (that’s why her breath smells like ass). I also didn’t know that George Washington pony tails were making a comeback either. On the plus side, if anyone asks, you were trying to look like The Weeknd!The Weeknd2In conclusion, if you plan on styling yourself up, make sure what you’re using isn’t also used on repairing common leaks and cracks in your wall. Have fun looking like Mrs. Clean for a while!


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