The Creulest Thing Since Diced Bread

There’s so many things in the kitchen that can piss anyone off: leaving a box of ice cream with one cone left (take it out the damn box!), thievery of people’s personal leftovers, or not putting a damn clip on an open bag of chips. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING pisses me off more than when someone leaves a drop of juice/soda/beverage left in a bottle. I’d rather chew tin foil while listening to nails on a chalk board.

Are you a victim of this heinous crime? I’ve heard of seeing the glass as half full or half empty, but no one ever said to see the glass with one fucking sip left. Are we that lazy where we will purposely not finish a drink for fear of having to actually take it out and recycle it? Who wants to drink that, anyways? It’s basically the snickelfrits. The Keystone Light portion of the drink, if you will.

Are you an offender of leaving the last of the community drink? If so, you’re a douche. If you’re not gonna drink it, at least pour that drop you plan on leaving in the fridge out for the dead homies. It won’t kill you to carry it to a recycle bin either.

In conclusion, please don’t be that guy/girl who does this. Practice safe kitchen etiquette, use condiments.


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