Cherry Popper: Drake & Future’s new Mixtape, Fall Sport Season, & Good Movies This Week

Welcome to Phil You In: A blog that is designed to inform you all about my opinions in today’s music, sports, and movies. I just want to thank you first and foremost for taking the time to read my blog, as I’m sure there’s plenty of other cooler things to do. I will try my best to provide you with some intellectual, satirical, and overall entertaining views on what I find interesting in each of those topics.

To get a better feel of what you may be reading about for this post and posts to come, I guess it would make sense to tell you all a little bit about who I am. My name is Phil (duh). I guess most would pin me as an average guy, but I personally beg to differ. I’m an avid New York Rangers supporter, fan of Adam Sandler films, informative in almost all areas of music (except for heavy metal, punk, and most country and folk music) as well as a stand up comedy connoisseur. Growing up through the public school system and having a diverse group of friends and family really helped shape my opinions on how I view and accept certain things in life, especially those things that I find entertaining.

“What A Time To Be Alive” or “What A Time To Be Deaf”?

Let’s start off with music. Now, earlier this week, rappers Drake and Future collaborated together to produce the mixtape “What A Time To Be Alive“. The mixtape includes tracks like  “Diamonds Dancing,” “Scholarships” and “Plastic Bag” which have pretty catchy beats, a few nice punchlines, and interesting album art. All of these songs have the same feel: trap beat, Future’s mumbling and rambling about things that only those who listen to him consistently can comprehend, and the occasional Drake verse that is sub-par to say the least.

The combination of Drake and Future is very odd. You have Drake, one of if not the biggest name in music today, who just showed the hip hop community that he’s not to be messed with (listen to “Charged Up” or “Back To Back Freestyle” if you have been living under a rock). Then you have Future, the Atlanta rapper who, besides a few club bangers such as “Move That Dope” or “Fuck Up Some Commas” really doesn’t bring much to the table when it comes to standing out in the rap game. His lyrics are generic, in the sense that he is another one of today’s rappers who thinks its OK to consistently rap about money, drugs, women, and cars as opposed to telling a story or sending a message through his bars. The only thing that really shines about Future on this mixtape, in my opinion, is the diamonds that he used as the cover for his mixtape. He’s lucky that Drake put his name on this project, or it wouldn’t have gotten many views. PS: Doesn’t future kind of look like Merryl Streep?

In other music related news, I’m happy to say that I will be attending the Billy Joel concert this Saturday in Madison Square Garden. Now, if you’re a music fan in general, you can only imagine how awesome it’s going to be to watch and listen to Billy Joel bust out all of his classics from his catalog, including the classics like “Piano Man”, “Moving Out” and “New York State of Mind” (not to be confused with Nas’ song). It’s amazing to me how even in today’s society, where EDM, Rap, Country and Pop rule the air waves, that MSG still manages to sell out just about every night that Billy Joel is in attendance. Who knows? Maybe Pope Francis will stop by on 9 o’clock on Saturday with the regular crowd and jam out with us!

Cannibals and Killers: Phil’s Top Two Movies of the Month

Speaking of crowd, I can assure you that the movie theaters will be packed as Eli Roth’s horror movie “The Green Inferno” releases this Friday. The film is about a New York college student named Justine who meets a student activist named Alejandro as he’s participating in a hunger strike to support the underpaid janitors. The two develop a relationship that then leads to them to venture out and try to save the Amazon. Along the way, their plane crashes in the Peruvian jungle where they encounter a tribe of cannibals and are then kept captive. Will they survive, or be served as a main course with a side of fava beans and a nice Chianti? As someone who isn’t a huge horror movie fan, I am actually very interested to see how this movie plays out. At least the humans that the cannibals are eating are less expensive than the candy and snacks they serve in the movie theater!

Another film that is worth going out and seeing is “Black Mass” starring Johnny Depp. This movie is about real life gangster James “Whitey” Bulger. While his brother Bill remains a powerful leader in the Massachusetts Senate, Whitey continues to pursue a life of crime in 1970’s Boston. When he’s approached by FBI agent John Connolly, he persuades Whitey to help the agency fight the Italian mob. While the FBI and government have their sights set on the Italian mob, Whitey expands his underworld empire and becomes one of the biggest and most dangers criminals in U.S history. If this wasn’t enough to get you to want to see this movie, then by all means, stay at home and watch The Big Bang Theory or something.

Johnny Depp is the man when it comes to transforming himself for a role. The dude went from wearing all leather and metal claws on his fingers, to a drug kingpin, to a drunken pirate, and now he’s one of the most famous, ruthless gangsters in American history. I’m really hoping that this movie is as close to the real story of Whitey Bulger as possible, because that guy was a total nutcase! His own girlfriend is being indicted for not snitching on him or any of his accomplices, and those who worked with him probably wear Depends on a regular basis nowadays. I’m banking on the fact that J.D is a phenomenal actor and will do justice in this movie.

NFL on the I.R, MLB in Fall Form and NHL Pros & Cons for Upcoming 2015-2016 Season!

With fall among us, that means one thing to most of us men: sports. The NFL is underway and these past 2 weeks have been dramatic to say the least. Injuries have plaged the NFL this year, including the loss of Dez and Romo in Dallas, Victor Cruz for the Giants, and Geno “Sucker Punch” Smith for the Jets just to name a few. There’s also the offensive struggles in Indianapolis, the benching of Johnny Football in Cleveland, and the fiasco in Philly that has many football fans asking “what’s next?”. Of course, the Patriots* are still looking great, even though most of the football world aside from Massachusetts and parts of New England are hoping that their dreams get deflated, leading to their season getting Gronk Smashed.

The MLB regular season is coming to a close, and it’s actually looking like it’s setting October up to be a solid month of baseball. Not being the most informed in the baseball field, all I can really say is that the Yankees and Mets are doing work, the Red Sox are awful this year, and the Blue Jays are looking like the best thing to come out of Toronto since Drake. I can’t tell you who I think will win because honestly I don’t know. One thing I do know is that we’re about 2 weeks away from the coolest sport on Earth: ice hockey.

The NHL this year has a lot of hype around it, both positive and negative in a sense. First, the negatives: Jarret Stoll was arrested in the off season this year (and later picked up by my Blueshirts) for suspicion of possession of cocaine and Molly at a Las Vegas pool party. He pleaded guilty and had his charges dropped to misdemeanors and served 32 community service hours. Let’s just hope that Molly doesn’t show her face when he’s in New York, because we can definitely use him this year.

Another tragedy that has occurred this off season was the investigation of an alleged rape by Patrick Kane after a night in Buffalo. There was a rape kit used in the case and the DNA results showed that Kane was not involved. However, the bag with the kit was left ripped on the front porch of the victims door, which can be seen as someone tampering with evidence, although the evidence already proved Kane’s innocence. He has been cooperating with authorities and the law, and is confident that the legal system will do it’s job and he can then focus on hockey. It would be really sad to lose an amazing talent if this all ends up to be some girl who was thirsty for a payday.

The positive hype for the NHL this year is something that we haven’t seen since Crosby and Ovechkin broke into the league. The players this year to watch are Connor McDavid and Jack Eichel. Both players show a lot of promise, a lot of it going to McDavid, as Wayne Gretzky said that if there’s one person who can make the jump from juniors to the show, its him. Breaking numerous records before his 18th birthday and wowing Edmonton this pre season, i’m excited to see what this kid’s made of. That doesn’t mean we can sleep on Eichel. He recently scored the game winner for the Sabres in one of their pre season games, and is hoping to be the savior of hockey in Buffalo. These two players alone have me excited to watch hockey again!

That about does it for the first post of Phil You In. Hopefully you gained some sort of knowledge, chuckled, or just were cool enough to check this out. I will do my best to keep providing you guys with the latest headlines in today’s sports, entertainment, and anything else that catches my eye. Until next time, stay positive, keep laughing, and be easy.


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